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Can you really use hypnosis to meet women?

    Is it possible to hypnotize someone to do whatever you want them to do? be so advanced at hypnosis, that you don’t even have to think about it, and it’s all just automatic?

I want to send you the 3 Part Vince Lynch Interview, along with 8 other Hypnosis Training MP3’s, Videos, and Lessons!  If you’ve been enjoying all of the great HTG Podcasts, and FREE Training here, you’re going to love the new website!  for now:


3 Powerful Secrets of Successful Hypnosis

 from Head Hacker, Amit Badiani!

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In this 30 minute interview you’ll learn all about Amit’s hypnosis-magic style, and what it takes to get to a high level of performance and hypnosis mastery.  You’ll find yourself inspired and motivated, just like I was in the interview.  He’s got IT!  Amit Badiani, from Head Hacking and Manchurian Approach shares with you some incredible insight on the NEW A.I. Model, and what we can expect to learn from him at the next live event!

HTG LIVE is going to revolutionize the way you perform and practice hypnosis. With someone like Amit there to coach you through the fastest, most entertaining street hypnosis there is, imagine what you’ll be doing with your new powers!  Upgrade your existing performances, start making money performing hypnosis, or just get out there have fun meeting new people… and getting them to do extraordinary things for you! 


There’s a new hypnosis model… It’s called AI.  It’s faster, sexier, and defies the laws of traditional hypnosis!

Are you rocking it yet?

As hypnotists we know that even one  ounce of knowledge can help us make the right connections.  You could take a simple technical lesson, assimilate it, and utilize it in the field.  This new skill could change everything for you:  From faster, more powerful hypnosis sessions, to a modern jedi-style that no other hypnotist in your area is doing!

But what if I gave you tons of great info, from someone like Anthony Jacquin?  And what if I let YOU ask him questions???  And what if it was FREE?   What if he shared one hypnotic language pattern with you that made everything click, so you start getting the results that you and your clients want?

Put on your favorite head phones and


Here’s the big one you’ve been waiting for.  It’s rich with insight from one of the best in the world.  And that’s just how we do it!  Enjoy!


Want to learn the Automatic Imagination Model, from Anthony Jacquin, LIVE?

Learn more about HTG LIVE!

What does it take to be a super fast, bullet-proof street hypnotist?

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had the power to walk up to people and have them hypnotized in seconds?

Listen in as I interview Marcus Lewis of the Head Hacking Team!

Find out: The real secret to Head Hacking!

What’s it like working with Anthony Jacquin!

How to get lightning fast like Marcus Lewis!

What’s the secret to effective street hypnosis?

The AI Model at HTG LIVE!

and more!

30 Minutes of MP3 Training and a pure dose of good old HTG Podcasting!

WARNING!!!!  You may get better at hypnosis by listening to this.

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