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The reactions are beautiful! What you can do, is watch the video, and imagine yourself where he is! Think about who you would read. Think about some of your friends, or family that would freak out if you did this!

Using your imagination, and knowing how to dream, is a VERY important tool.  I will  be discussing this during the Psychic Crash Course, and showing you one of my favorite methods for reading people’s minds…  even some unreleased material that I’ve been saving for this course!

Start to get your mind in motion, because the Psychic Crash Course is going to be a little heavy, and filled with secrets!  If you think Mentalism is cool…  You’re in for a wild ride!

I look forward to working with you…

Get That “FLOW”

Why is it that some people just ROCK with hypnosis, and for some people… ehhh. So so.
I know when I started it took me quite a while to get to level of “FLOW” where I didn’t have to worry about what to say, or do. I just felt it… and it worked.

For every hypnotist, including YOU, there will be a moment of clarity when everything makes sense and you get to that Jedi status. Am I there? Sometimes it feels like it, that’s the truth. But I’m always learning, reading, watching, and seeking the advice of hypnotists that have been in the game for a long time. I have a coach, and several mentors that guide me. Every successful anyone has a coach. Even Kobe Bryant. ;)NEVER think that you’re ‘there.’ Because when you think you’re at the top, someone will come along and check that EGO.  Forget EGO.  It’ll play you!


What I’m talking about here is ‘CLARITY.’ How do I get to that FLOW, where I AM The Hypnotist, and my inductions simply WORK. The juice kicks in and all of my post hypnotics hit, and my client does everything I say! They go DEEP and come out transformed!  All of the hard work and energy pays off, and you want to scream, but you have to hold it in and smirk. Play it cool… YES. This is what we all want, right? I know I did when I was starting out, and to be honest… YES. I still do want that COOL factor.  It just feels right, being on top or your game.

Your intentions might be different, but if you can relate to what I’m saying here, please comment below.  You can also get 8 FREE training videos that will get you to Jedi status, visit my website: I feel that just by watching them you’ll get better!

Once you start getting in deep with hypnosis, you’ll be able to wrap your mind around new and dynamic concepts.  Clarity and FLOW will come, but only due to YOUR efforts!  Keep learning, training, and filling that brain with knowledge.  Get crazy about hypnosis.  Eat, Sleep, and Drink it!  Breath it!  and most of all:  LIVE it!  You need to continue to practice, not just at home with your audio recorder, and/or friends and family.  Get out there and hypnotize new people and make new friends.  Surround yourself with LOVE and Positivity.  You won’t go wrong, because you WANT to help people, and you INTEND to grow in your skill to help the greater good.  That’s the real COOL.

Also, it’s just as important to apply positive hypnosis principles in your own life.  Set goals and achieve them using the mind power that you demonstrate on others!  As Gandhi said, “Be the Change in world that you want to see!”

Before you watch this video, PLEASE read this:

Hypnosis is more than just a party stunt.

It’s EASY, but certain hypnotic inductions take WORK.
And you NEED TO BE SAFE, know the ins and outs of the hypnotic process, and to be as Jedi as Joe Brogie,
YOU GOTTA have the secret. More on that in a minute. Watch this video!


Anyone at a professional hypnosis level can watch this video, and figure it out.  Maybe even try it tonight.  We are NOT responsible for the results, and/or your success with this induction.  Please let me know how it works for you…  Please be careful, and don’t hurt anyone.  In fact… don’t do it.  ;)

For those of you that want to learn this induction directly from me click here.

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HOW TO change your world RIGHT NOW!

I wanted to give you an E-Z 5 step system for changing your world, and creating REAL positive change within you.

But first, a little about the “WHY.”

I’ve felt that “I HAVE MORE TO GIVE” and I am making an open commitment to add more posts, great content, and cool training right here on Jedi Trainer!

Okay, if that’s not a way to change my world, I don’t know what else is! Making a commitment, declaration, or promise out loud for everyone to see is one way to change everything. By doing so, you are now held accountable by everyone who hears your voice. Or at least, you “think” everyone is depending on you, so you are more likely to follow through and execute what you’ve projected.

“If you want to predict the future,

Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel Prize in ...

What grade level Math did Albert Einstein pass?  

make it.”

I believe this is another great quote from Albert Einstein. I love his quotes.

As I promised…


  1. Don’t forget to breathe! Just like you would have your patients do when bringing them into trance, do this yourself, every morning as you wake up.
  2. BE THANKFUL. While breathing, close your eyes and say out loud 5 things that you are absolutely thankful for. Family, Abilities, Life, Health, and God’s Love are 5 things that I am thankful for right now.
  3. Send GOOD Energy. You are the hypnotist! So every where you go you are affecting people with what you say, how you act, and the things you do. So be positive, fun, and smile. It’s contagious, and you can really change the world with a smile.
  4. Take some time for you! Remember that run that you said you would do? That Yoga class, or amazing book that you said you’d get into?  And I’m not talking about your “to do” list for the house.  I’m talking about YOU.  Make YOU happy first, so that you can give to projects, and others with the right heart.  DO IT this week, and make this week be the one that starts your amazing life!
  5. Commit! Probably the hardest of the 5 things, but without this nothing really works.  I mean, everything you’ve done in your life was a result of your conscious decision to get it done right?  Or maybe it was unconscious, due to your decision to put the right information in front of you to begin with.  Like learning “The Secret.”  Or Praying Everyday.  Or Reading a system like this that you’ll remember to implement every day.  Either way, commit, and be THE BOSS in your life, and hold your-self accountable.

YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN REALLY CHANGE YOUR WORLD.  So make it happen, and enjoy the day, week, year… forever!  And don’t forget to share the gift with everyone you know!

Here’s a great quote that my friend Paul Vigil shared with me:

“You are so part of the world that your slightest action contributes to its reality. Your breath changes the atmosphere. Your encounters with others alter the fabrics of their lives, and the lives of those who come in contact with them.”- Jane Roberts

Paul posted that on Facebook during the same time I finished my first edition of this article.  Life is perfect.


Jay Noblezada
The Jedi Trainer

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How Jedi Are You? I mean really… can you prove your mind power in a matter of seconds?

RPS enables you to kick ass at one of the most popular games ever played… and not only win, but win consistently and more often than you’d guess! I’d say close to every time. But results may vary…  (stop yapping and explain!!!)

Here’s the scoop: We all take the simple things for granted sometimes. The little games, fun times, and little connections that you make with people on a regular basis can get pushed aside. We are all busy, stressed, moving at a break neck speed just to make sure we get home in time for our favorite TV shows… Okay maybe not all of us. But life can get hectic. So why not take a second to enjoy the little things that make you smile???

Sound off-topic? It’s pretty dead on. Start thinking about this simple little game, and how much fun you could have out there in the social field if you were able to win every single time.

Hypnosis. NLP. Seduction and Persuasion. Yeah. I think we have enough tools to crack this code!

Stay tuned for more RPS lessons coming up this next week. It’s going to be a great liaison into our NLP Crash Course!  Make sure you’re subscribed to this blog or the Hypnosis Crash Course list for all of the updates.

For Now:

Scissors, represented by the index and middle ...

SCISSORS = Analytical

Rock, represented by a clenched fist.

ROCK = Agressive

Paper, represented by an open hand, with the f...

Paper = Passive

Each “MOVE,” as we would call them, is a subconscious indicator of who your opponent is .  Someone who looks like they would be shy, or stand-off-ish, would most likely go with paper.  Someone who is “aggressive” and looks like they are ready to pounce, “Rock.”  Get the picture?  Someone who looks like they are over thinking the whole thing and is trying to be analytical would most likely be a scissors.

Start thinking in terms of:  Is she a scissors?  Is he a rock? Is she a paper?

This will get your mind thinking in “RPS Mode!”  It sounds silly, but this little game that we play can be a deeper “analogy” for life, people, and experience in general.  Are you a rock?  Are you a natural-born leader, or do you like to win at everything you do?  Do you take charge and get things done?

Or are you a Paper?  It’s not about ‘folding under pressure.’ But do you like to observe from a far and go with the flow?   Do you let others do the hard work and you enjoy the finer things in life?  Like inner-perspective and beautiful music?

You may very well be Scissors!  And you are a thinker at heart.  You are a creative spirit and you like to let others speak first while you sit and wait, analyzing the situation before enlightening those around you…  You tend to over-think sometimes, and this prevents you from getting those desired projects finished…

Hmmm…  Psychic application?  Perhaps.

Purpose Driven Magic with a high focus on connection?  I think so.  My kind of fun!

Till next time, go out and play this game with your buddies.  Your wife or your kids.  See what they chose on the first round, and see if that matches either their character, or the current environmental situation.


Jay Noblezada


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Mind Eraser is a HIT!  and we are getting ready for our next training programs (Hypnosis Crash Course part 3, and The NEW Psychic Crash Course.  Both FREE Trainings!)  If you missed out on MIND ERASER click here.


Anyway, I wanted share with you a clever little trick that internet marketers are doing, and businesses, hypnotists, and seduction artists have been using this technique for CENTURIES.  Its’ sneaky.  It’s GOOD.


It’s called “FEAR OF LOSS” and I’ll probably get chewed out by some of my internet marketing buddies for talking about this, but I share with my Jedi all that is Jedi!  And “Fear of Loss” is a powerful tool.
The basic idea is that you create a “time constraint” for your offer.  Because people feel like they might “MISS OUT” they are more inclined to say ‘Yes’ to you.


Let’s say you’re out there meeting people, and you’re goal is to create an attraction.  After talking to someone for a while and you feel like you’ve made a connection, you say,


“I really love it here.  I fly back to Las Vegas tomorrow… Back to work.  Well sorta!”
Now this is a simple example, and you can tweak out the location. But keep reading!
Every line here is on purpose. What does it do?  It creates a “FEAR of LOSS” in people.  It’s a subconscious suggestion that “I won’t be here for too long.  You may never see me again.” 

Now this is a powerful technique to attract someone to you, so use it wisely, young Jedi.  You won’t get a big response, but it will do something psychologically to everyone who hears it.

  1. I’m only visiting.  I don’t live here and will be gone soon.  This is called a “Time Constraint”
  2. I live in Las Vegas.  Way more exciting than here (don’t take offense, I’m sure where you live is exciting and has its charm).  Feel free to use Las Vegas if you can pull it off.
  3. I travel.  Travel = Success to the subconscious mind, and social consciousness.
  4. When you say “back to work… sorta”  she’s going to ask you about that!  This is an indication that she’s interested in you!
It might go something like this:
“Back to Work… Sorta”
“what do you mean sorta?”
“Well, my work is fun, so it’s not really work, you know?”
“What do you do???”
And this will continue on into more of a relationship… where ever you want to take it.
Please use this wisely, and have fun out there you Social Dynamos!  More on this kinda thing later…

The Jedi Trainer


You’ve probably heard this term quite a bit.  Anchoring is used in Hypnosis to link ones thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even sensations, to an object, gesture, sound, or just about anything that you link up on the mind!

You can keep reading below and get the knowledge, but you can also learn ALOT by watching this video from world-class hypnotist Richard Nongard!


Richard is a machine!  and he’s got a lot of other cool hypnosis videos on Youtube.


What exactly is Anchoring???

Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily, or “anchor,” on one trait or piece of information when making decisions.

When it comes to Hypnosis and NLP the definition is a little different:

Anchoring is a neuro-linguistic programming term for the process by which memory recall, state change or other responses become associated with (anchored to) some stimulus, in such a way that perception of the stimulus (the anchor) leads by reflex to the anchored response occurring. The stimulus may be quite neutral or even out of conscious awareness, and the response may be either positive or negative. They are capable of being formed and reinforced by repeated stimuli, and thus are analogous to classical conditioning.

Steinbach (1984) describes anchoring as one trial learning which forms one of the basic presuppositions of NLP stating that “A therapist can teach a patient the association between one response and another, or between an external stimulus and an internal response in one trial.” [1]

Basic anchoring involves in essence, the elicitation of a strong congruent experience of a desired state, whilst using some notable stimulus (touch, word, sight) at the time this is most fully realized. In many cases, repetition of the stimulus will reassociate and restore the experience of the state.

There are refinements offered by setting anchors this way, and subtleties involved in order to both set them with precision, and to avoid accidentally neutralizing them in the process of setting them up.

Sometimes getting out there and socializing can feel like a battlefield.  And if you’re not equipped with the right game plan, you won’t win.  And we all know that the most influential people out there have PURPOSE.  If you listened to HCC2, then you know what my purpose is!

You should know a few rapport building techniques to so you dominate the playing field.  So what can you start doing today to become more influential, and effective at communication?

Eye contact. Now wait, don’t go off and say to yourself, “I’ve heard this before, Jay!”  KEEP READING.  I think you’ll like this one.

Eye with a contact lens (myopia).

Look Deep.. They'll feel it!

Scientific studies show that eye contact causes specific chemical reactions in the body that are identical to those produced when one falls in love.  And Love is a powerful force!

In other words, we can create a powerful connection, chemical and biological, that is real and physical.  Not just rapport created through association in the mind (which is quite strong in its own right).  Sometimes, our clients need some physical proof to understand what we’re capable of.

I can’t just leave you with a theory, so get out there and try this exercise!

RAPPORT BUILDING EXERCISE (and the start of an advanced induction!): Try this exercise the next time you go out and meet someone.  Whether you’re doing an induction (which you should learn now!) or just a biological convincer, start out by having your new friend look at you, and look right back into their eyes.  If you are right eye dominant, look into their left eye.  Look deeply into their pupil and have them do the same.  Here’s a tip:  Imagine that you can see into their eyes and see their inner most thoughts. Really look into the depth of their eye color, and look for any images.  I know this sounds funny, but it’ll make you look like you’re doing something (a process).  It’s more believable that you’re a hypnotist, mind-reader, or psychic if you have a process.  Just like any other profession.  Remember that!

Continue to look into their eyes as you say, “In a moment you may feel a little funny.  Like you’re falling.  And that’s okay, because I’ll catch you.”  Continue to look.  (At this moment, if you’ve created a strong rapport as a hypnotist, they may just fall into your arms!  Be ready!)

Hoboken, New Jersey, July 2008

This can get intimate, so choose your target wisely!

If they break eye contact say, “Feels funny right? Now hold on, because if we continue from here, I will hypnotize you, and I need to know that you are ready.”  You’ll get all sorts of reactions here.  They may say,

“Okay, Okay… I’m ready” continue on.

They may also say, “This feels strange, no thanks”  And this is a good outcome as well.  I simply smile and laugh a little.  My powers are that good that people may be a little frightened.  It’s okay.  :)  Simply say, “You did great!  Thanks!”

IF THEY DON’T BREAK EYE CONTACT:  You’ve got ‘em!  Instruct your friend to take a nice deep breath, and to let it out nice and slow.  Do this with them to create rapport through mirroring.  And do this for 5 breaths (total of at least 20 seconds).

This will feel like the longest 20 seconds EVER.  But go with it.  Feel the chemicals run through your body as you both connect on a deep, subconscious level.  Keep looking “into their soul.”  They will be feeling the same chemicals.  However, they may not associate the same feelings to it, and may feel a bit uncomfortable, but this is okay.  You’re about to bring them into an alternate reality, and they should feel a bit uneasy;  A bit alien to the process.

Say, “When you are ready close your eyes.  And continue to breath as you listen to the sound of my voice…”

You’ve just conducted a SWEET induction without touching your client!

Continue with a Deepener, another Convincer, and maybe a beautiful Affirmation before you bring them up and out of hypnosis!

Assuming that you are out there working on your approach, social dynamics, and communication with the outside world, this is a “REAL WORLD” routine that you can start doing tonight.  You can do this, easy.  Just practice a few times, record your scripts and you’ll achieve success!

You’re a warrior!  Go out and conquer that social, and professional playing field!

ATTENTION: Always practice safe and permitted hypnosis.  Respect your clients health.  Heed all of your state laws and never hypnotize anyone without their consent.

Double-Up Your Hypnotic Power!

What if you could add 1 move to your life, that made everything go your way.

The truth is, there are SO MANY moves! And they’re all so good!!!
There is a TON of hypnosis information out there.

But here’s the problem. You would have to do a TON of research just to find the stuff that works.

Yes. There is bad stuff out there. And you won’t know it until you go out and try it for yourself.  I’ve been down that road.  It isn’t pretty at all!

I want to save you time and energy.  So here is my solution:

Stop learning new crazy tricks.
And give more attention and focus to the FUNDAMENTALS.

My life is SO much easier now! All of my material is DEADLY and I’m like a ninja assassin in a Ferrari. (It does feel good, I’m just sayin!)

The ONE move that I put in my TOP 3 Power Moves is:  The Affirmation.

Yes it its a move. I’ll explain this in a moment.

Every morning, the first thing I’ll say out loud is,  “It’s a beautiful day. I’m gonna run this!”

Try saying that out loud 2 or three times. Watch what it does to your expression. Your posture.  You might even bob your head up and down while saying it!

What will happen is you will go through a change of state.  You’ll be happier.  When you’re happier, you’ll be more receptive to opportunities.  When you’re happier, people will take notice and wonder what’s up with you.
This affirmation is VERY good. I’ve been experiencing active, produtive, and exciting days because of these simple words. Many people start off the day with a prayer, moment of meditation and clarity, or some kind of “Power Move.” If you’re not doing Affirmations your missing out!!!


A: TRY IT FOR 1 WEEK STRAIGHT.  And watch the magic happen.

If this doesn’t make you a better hypnotist, then you can jump on here and leave me your comments!  I’m that confident that this will work for you. I know that if you use this move for 1 week (every morning for 7 days), then you’ll experience positive change in your daily life, and into the future.

This is an active exercise!  Remember when I said it was a move?  This is why!  You have to get up and move!

It’s not easy… but it ain’t tough either!


  1. Write it down!  -keep the affirmation somewhere where can see it every morning.  The bathroom mirror is a perfect spot.
  2. Hand Write It!  -using a good old fashioned pen to write down the affirmation makes it stronger.  As you write it, read it out loud too!
  3. Say it out loud at least 3 times!  -don’t worry about your family thinking your nuts!  This is about making your more effective as a hypnotist.

People that here you say this will normally think  positively because of the way the affirmation is intended.

Now look what you’ve did.  You’ve just effected the way they feel and have guided their thoughts to your words.   Sounds like hypnosis, Jedi Knight!
Be your own hypnotist first. Use the power of your mind to take control of your world. You can improve your situation, heal your relationships, Watch your life transform into something that makes you say, “Man! Life is Good!”


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