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HYPNOSIS 101: Beginners Only!

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Do me a favor.  Take a deep breath….  and hold it for a couple of seconds.

Now let it out nice and slow.  Slower….  that’s good.  Do that a few more times as you think about a funny joke or scene in a movie.  Replay the scene or say the joke in your mind…  are you smiling?  If you’re really into it you can actually laugh out loud… Funny huh?  Isn’t it crazy how your mind works?  You’re not seeing that movie in real life, and there’s probably no one in the room to say that joke.  But you’re experiencing a shift in your mind and body because of the words on this screen.  (I actually think of the movie Dumb and Dumber.  Holy shit I remember how much I laughed during that movie!)

Now think about how down right amazing the mind is, and how you can learn just about anything you want when ever you want, and simply decide, get focused, and take action.

Breath one more time….  in, and out.  And just relax… and get ready to learn hypnosis the right way.

What’s the breathing all about?  Not really sure.  But it feels good doesn’t it?  Makes me feel good.  and I like feeling good!

Look, I know you’re probably excited about performing hypnosis, and getting people to do amazing things!  Maybe you’re looking to make some changes in your own life, or perhaps you’re just curious about what hypnosis really is and how it can benefit you…

So this series of posts are designed to break down some of the basics of hypnosis and lay down a solid foundation so you can embrace the ever-expanding information super highway of hypnosis information out there.  Once you have a proper frame work for what hypnosis is, or at least what it could be, then there really is no limit to what you can learn, do, and experience as a hypnotist.

First of all, you should think about a very important word:  INTENTION.

What is your intention as a hypnotist student?  Do you want to perform shows on stage?  Or do you want to learn how to help people lose weight, quit smoking or make positive transformations?  Do you want to get an edge on your business communications and learn how to deliver powerful talks and presentations?  Maybe you just want to get the kids to start listening to you.  Some of my students are now professional stage hypnotists, while others have opened up their clinical practice and are using their hypnosis to help people.  All of them doing what they love, and getting paid to serve others in need!

The answers that you come up with will help you move forward and stay on path toward your hypnosis goals.  Then again, if you are like me then you’re probably interested in all of it!  And that’s okay because hypnosis really is just that fascinating.

Next, think about this word:  SIMPLICITY.

I want to make sure that you succeed with your hypnosis.  Whether it’s helping as many people as you can achieve positive change, or if it’s performing on stages all over the world and getting paid thousands of dollars per hour as an expert…  YOU MUST HAVE CLARITY and peace of mind.  At least as much as you can.  For your own mental health, and the safety of your clients and audience, keep your hypnosis practice SIMPLE.  That means, specializing, and focusing on mastering just a few of the basics.  By keeping SIMPLICITY as a top commitment, you are setting yourself up for success.  No one wants to be hypnotized by a scatter-brained, confused hypnosis junkie!  And trust me, sometimes I feel like that myself!   With all of my businesses, responsibilities and social life, I can sometimes forget to take the time to just take a breath…  Let it out… and  Keep it simple, stupid!  (K.I.S.S.)

When you keep it simple, you’ll have more fun, learn more, and be able to share hypnosis faster and more effectively.  Hypnosis is simple.  It’s just that teachers and students make it more complex than it really is.  My aim with HYPNOSIS 101 is to keep it simple for you.

Here are some things that you absolutely must know about hypnosis.  And it doesn’t matter what you plan on using hypnosis for.  These are simply things that you should know, or things that you can say to people to begin the hypnosis process:

1.  HYPNOSIS is a natural state of mind that enables one to focus intently on thoughts, feelings, or emotions.  By concentrating our thoughts onto any one focal point, we can center our mind and body.  This centered state of mind, is where you can begin to change from the inside out.   Someone like Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes to have ever lived, knows how to focus under the pressure and scrutiny of the public eye.  Still, a champion, and in my eyes a true Jedi.

Here’s a model you can use to simplify hypnosis:  Think about a funnel that takes a bunch of water, and bottle necks it into one controlled flow.  Just like that water, our thoughts can be concentrated toward what we want.  The alternative is thousands of thoughts scattered everywhere, and no focus at all.  There is power if focus.  And Hypnosis is just a tool to initiate that focus.  With hypnosis I was able to quit smoking, run a full marathon with no formal training, and even create the career of my dreams.  I got hypnotized.  And I focused.

2.  By using hypnotic LANGUAGE we are able to communicate with ourselves, and others in a way where they drop their critical faculty of the mind, and allow their subconscious mind to receive hypnotic suggestions for positive transformation, either over time, or instantly and automatically!  In other words, people open up their minds to what it is you have to say, because you have removed, or at least lowered, their natural ability to make excuses.  Without excuses, there is only oneness with your desire.  If this still sounds confusing, it’s kind of like when you’re driving in your car and you see a police car with blue and red flashing lights.  Your entire physical being changes, and you think differently.  You may even experience physical sensations, causing you to act a certain way.  You could be thinking about something and acting one way, and then all of a sudden you see that police car and BAM!  You’re only thinking about one thing.  Perhaps it’s your safety.  Or the safety of your babies in the car.  Or maybe you’re thinking you did something wrong and you put on your best poker face, sit up straight, and start driving like you just got your license!  If you feel tense or concerned right now, it’s only because I brought up the police analogy.  See how language works?

3.  RE-FRAMING:  Okay it’s starting to sound confusing.  and that’s not what we want now is it!  So all we have to do to stay on track is understand that even though there may be a lot to learn when it comes to hypnosis, you can always use language to ‘RE-FRAME’ the situation.  Here’s what I like to do when I get overwhelmed by anything.  It’s a little hypnosis secret that’s helped me learn the guitar, sculpt my body, and kick ass in the hypnosis business!

Think of something that you love to do.  Something that you would do all day, everyday if you could.  Luck you if you have the ability to!  For me, it’s learning and practicing the guitar!  Even though it busts up my fingers, hurts my hands, and I know that no matter how hard I practice, cram information into my brain, and exercise till the sun comes up, I will never know everything, and I will only ever get as good as I will get.  Not any better!  Isn’t that strange?  And I don’t care!  It’s fun!  When I get frustrated all I have to do is stop.  Put it down.  And breath…   It will be there when you want to pick it up again.  Soon I’ll anticipate getting back into it, and will grab that guitar, play it like I missed it, and there’s no frustration.  Only pure harmonic bliss!  (Well that’s what happens in my mind anyway!)

When you are attempting to learn anything, like hypnosis, play it like a guitar!  Learn like it’s fun, because it is.  And don’t be afraid to stop and apply the teachings here and there.  And the great thing is, hypnosis is already there, inherent in life and in nature .  You should see how my dog acts when I leave the house.  It’s like he’s PROGRAMMED to be  such a baby about it, as if I’m never going to come back.  Then when I do come back, he acts like I’ve been gone for months, running around like he just won a million bucks!  Look at how people watch T.V. in your home.  How they sit down to eat can act upon their patterns of behavior and thinking from years of conditioning.  See how parents react to their children’s behavior.  Think about your own patterns and what you want to change.   Exercising hypnosis can be as simple as witnessing these happenings while being aware of the power of focus.  Ask yourself if these people are in a hypnotic trance.  Are they focused on what they want to experience?  Or are they running on auto pilot?  Are you focusing in on what you want?  Or what you don’t want?

You see the problem that most hypnotists have is that they have this undying urge to want to learn every single thing.  It’s like they feel as if they don’t know everything, they won’t be smart enough to swing with the other hypnotists out there.  Stop.  This isn’t a contest.  It’s not even close to that.  Learning hypnosis is a journey.  You’re already living in it!  You just have to tap into it.

Remember earlier, before we started learning, you took a deep breath and you focused in on a few ideas.  Remember how that felt?  Maybe you laughed out loud.  Maybe you thought, ‘how lame. Another hypnosis post.’  Well, you’re still reading aren’t you?  You got focused in and you opened up your mind like a smart person.

Why is it that we have the ability to feel good sometimes, and at others we feel out of control, confused, and/or hopeless?  Why is it that we can be receptive to learnings, while other times we are in a constant state of judgement and ego driven.  Closed minded.  Maybe it’s only because of the words we are using to describe our experience.  That’s all.  Language is powerful.  Taking action and breathing just to feel better is powerful.  Language, and how that language makes you, and others act, is what we are dealing with in this journey of learning, experiencing, sharing, and growing as a performer and person.

So before we get into more hypnosis facts, figures, and technical junk, just meditate on what you read above.  And think of hypnosis like ELECTRICITY.  You don’t have to know every single thing about electricity to experience it’s power and use it every day to your advantage.  You don’t know what electricity is exactly.  No one can explain all of it’s properties, yet you are using it right now to read these words in front of you.  The light is on in your house, or on your mobile device.  Even if you’re reading this on paper and you are outside in the sun light, your body works on electrical currents and signals from the brain and through the body, without you knowing any better.  Your skin is automatically processing the sunlight, engaging particular vitamins in your system like a plant!  Did you know that sunlight actually makes you happier?  I read that somewhere…   I don’t know exactly why.  something to do with vitamin E.  I don’t know.  You don’t know.  We’re just happier when it’s sunny.  So why worry?

Hypnosis is a natural thing.  It’s happening right now.  I’m not making it happen.  I’m just using my ability to deliver words to you that create thoughts in your mind.  Those thoughts create emotions and feelings, and have the ability to spark action.  Somewhere else in the world someone is on their way to a job that they’ve hated for years, and they are going to do the exact same thing that they did yesterday, and complain the exact same way that they did to the same person that is sick of hearing about it… but they are programmed to do it.  It’s like they are in a trance.  This is hypnosis.

(exhales)  Anyway…

It’s fascinating to know that hypnosis, as complex as it may be, is really quite simple when you put it into words ;)  I guess that’s what we do to Re-Frame a situation and change it in our mind.  When it changes in our mind, it changes in our life.

Do you want to know another hypnosis secret?  Rather than trying to become an expert, stay a beginner forever (like me!)  Look you’ll get to expert status with time and experience, but THE MIND SET is “I’m always learning.  I have the mind of a beginner, absorbing, digesting, and applying new information as it comes my way”

The Bible talks about having a ‘child like faith.’  Because when you act like a child, you remain curious, and you listen, learn, and grow faster than these grumpy old dudes that forgot what it was like to be new!  When you’re rigid, you’re not flexible.  When you’re ripe you rot.  and when you have a closed off attitude, you stay the same and never get to enjoy the freshy fresh.

In Trance

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Last month we interviewed one of the greatest stage hypnotists of today.  You’ve got to listen to this!


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What the hell is Pacing and Leading?

Pacing and Leading is an essential tool that you must know.

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Pacing and Leading is when you create rapport with your client/audience
by matching them (mirroring and matching).
You PACE through your vocal inflection, energy, and body language.
By doing this your clients will feel the urge to follow you from that point.
You've created 'natural' rhythm in the social dynamic.  It's your move.
That's when the LEADING comes into play!  This is where it get's REALLY FUN!

Here’s the problem that most hypnotists face:

Where do you lead them?  What do you say?  What do you do?

How do you get the most out of your little window of opportunity?

What’s the next step?

I’ve created a video to show you exactly how I pace and lead, what to do, and

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Can you really use hypnosis to meet women?

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A few things happen before this video… but not a lot.  If you can tell a ‘knock-knock joke’ then you can do this induction!

Hope you’re having a great week!



PS:  Thanks Kat for being in my video!  If I’m ever in Sydney again I’ll make you cluck like a chicken…  jk ;).



New HTG LIVE Video!

Thanks to Alex Hendrick for making this cool video from HTG LIVE!

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Last week I posted a great video of Matt Hale performing some Head Hacking!

I know there are a lot of hypnotists wanting to learn this kind of thing.   Street Hypnosis is a great way for many of us to experience hypnosis, and share it with others, all without having to book a show, start a clinical practice, or get certification. In fact, many of you can be doing this type of performing tonight if you really wanted to…

But what’s it going to take?
What do you need to know?
What goes through the mind of a performer like Matt Hale?

Well, put on your head phones, lock the door, and plug into these three videos!    Matt gives a lot of powerful tips.  GOLDEN stuff from a performer who is on top of his game.  If you get the chance to spend a few days with a pro like Matt, DO IT!  You’ll learn tons that you can’t get out of a DVD or book!

For now, we made this for you!

If you get a chance to check out Trilby Connection, you’ll learn exactly how most of this all works.  It’s a damn good start if you are looking for a practical, effective approach to hypnosis in any environment.

Even better, come see them LIVE in Las Vegas and get hands-on, 1 on 1, instruction!  CLICK HERE

Step 2:  Listen to Matt when he says one of the most important things in video 3:  “You just gotta get out there and do it.”  And not just once or twice.  I’m talking about putting yourself in situations where you NEED to demonstrate, entertain, and experience the success of hypnosis.  It helps to have a coach or instructor with you.   Get someone to video tape you so you MUST DO GOOD!  Or at least someone to hold you accountable so you don’t opt out of performing when it’s time.  Yes, I’m suggesting a LIVE Training!

I know I’ve been talking about this for weeks now, but it’s the truth!  Matt has the skills because he’s well rehearsed.  Think about what it takes to create a sword.  Intense heat, and Pressure, and Impact…  These things create a sharp weapon of precision.    Most students have the metal, the tools, and the know how, but lack the most important factor of all.  Can you guess what that is?

Real Training!

It’s time to put your skills through the fire.  Get sharp.  And become better.

I hope you find the inspiration and the courage to get started.

Please comment below and let us know how this lesson will help you!