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What the hell is Pacing and Leading?

Pacing and Leading is an essential tool that you must know.

It can mean the difference between success and failure out there in the field.

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Pacing and Leading is when you create rapport with your client/audience
by matching them (mirroring and matching).
You PACE through your vocal inflection, energy, and body language.
By doing this your clients will feel the urge to follow you from that point.
You've created 'natural' rhythm in the social dynamic.  It's your move.
That's when the LEADING comes into play!  This is where it get's REALLY FUN!

Here’s the problem that most hypnotists face:

Where do you lead them?  What do you say?  What do you do?

How do you get the most out of your little window of opportunity?

What’s the next step?

I’ve created a video to show you exactly how I pace and lead, what to do, and

how much fun you can have with people tonight!

In the video the girl I’m working with follows my

every command, and it looks almost too easy.

You know what?  It is easy.  Once you see me do it, you’ll be a master at this stuff!




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Can you really use hypnosis to meet women?

    Is it possible to hypnotize someone to do whatever you want them to do?   ..to be so advanced at hypnosis, that you don’t even have to think about it, and it’s all just automatic?

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There’s a new hypnosis model… It’s called AI.  It’s faster, sexier, and defies the laws of traditional hypnosis!

Are you rocking it yet?

As hypnotists we know that even one  ounce of knowledge can help us make the right connections.  You could take a simple technical lesson, assimilate it, and utilize it in the field.  This new skill could change everything for you:  From faster, more powerful hypnosis sessions, to a modern jedi-style that no other hypnotist in your area is doing!

But what if I gave you tons of great info, from someone like Anthony Jacquin?  And what if I let YOU ask him questions???  And what if it was FREE?   What if he shared one hypnotic language pattern with you that made everything click, so you start getting the results that you and your clients want?

Put on your favorite head phones and


Here’s the big one you’ve been waiting for.  It’s rich with insight from one of the best in the world.  And that’s just how we do it!  Enjoy!


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What does it take to be a super fast, bullet-proof street hypnotist?

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Last week I posted a great video of Matt Hale performing some Head Hacking!

I know there are a lot of hypnotists wanting to learn this kind of thing.   Street Hypnosis is a great way for many of us to experience hypnosis, and share it with others, all without having to book a show, start a clinical practice, or get certification. In fact, many of you can be doing this type of performing tonight if you really wanted to…

But what’s it going to take?
What do you need to know?
What goes through the mind of a performer like Matt Hale?

Well, put on your head phones, lock the door, and plug into these three videos!    Matt gives a lot of powerful tips.  GOLDEN stuff from a performer who is on top of his game.  If you get the chance to spend a few days with a pro like Matt, DO IT!  You’ll learn tons that you can’t get out of a DVD or book!

For now, we made this for you!

If you get a chance to check out Trilby Connection, you’ll learn exactly how most of this all works.  It’s a damn good start if you are looking for a practical, effective approach to hypnosis in any environment.

Even better, come see them LIVE in Las Vegas and get hands-on, 1 on 1, instruction!  CLICK HERE

Step 2:  Listen to Matt when he says one of the most important things in video 3:  “You just gotta get out there and do it.”  And not just once or twice.  I’m talking about putting yourself in situations where you NEED to demonstrate, entertain, and experience the success of hypnosis.  It helps to have a coach or instructor with you.   Get someone to video tape you so you MUST DO GOOD!  Or at least someone to hold you accountable so you don’t opt out of performing when it’s time.  Yes, I’m suggesting a LIVE Training!

I know I’ve been talking about this for weeks now, but it’s the truth!  Matt has the skills because he’s well rehearsed.  Think about what it takes to create a sword.  Intense heat, and Pressure, and Impact…  These things create a sharp weapon of precision.    Most students have the metal, the tools, and the know how, but lack the most important factor of all.  Can you guess what that is?

Real Training!

It’s time to put your skills through the fire.  Get sharp.  And become better.

I hope you find the inspiration and the courage to get started.

Please comment below and let us know how this lesson will help you!

Get That “FLOW”

Why is it that some people just ROCK with hypnosis, and for some people… ehhh. So so.
I know when I started it took me quite a while to get to level of “FLOW” where I didn’t have to worry about what to say, or do. I just felt it… and it worked.

For every hypnotist, including YOU, there will be a moment of clarity when everything makes sense and you get to that Jedi status. Am I there? Sometimes it feels like it, that’s the truth. But I’m always learning, reading, watching, and seeking the advice of hypnotists that have been in the game for a long time. I have a coach, and several mentors that guide me. Every successful anyone has a coach. Even Kobe Bryant. ;)NEVER think that you’re ‘there.’ Because when you think you’re at the top, someone will come along and check that EGO.  Forget EGO.  It’ll play you!


What I’m talking about here is ‘CLARITY.’ How do I get to that FLOW, where I AM The Hypnotist, and my inductions simply WORK. The juice kicks in and all of my post hypnotics hit, and my client does everything I say! They go DEEP and come out transformed!  All of the hard work and energy pays off, and you want to scream, but you have to hold it in and smirk. Play it cool… YES. This is what we all want, right? I know I did when I was starting out, and to be honest… YES. I still do want that COOL factor.  It just feels right, being on top or your game.

Your intentions might be different, but if you can relate to what I’m saying here, please comment below.  You can also get 8 FREE training videos that will get you to Jedi status, visit my website:  http://www.noblezada.com/my_weblog/online-hypnosis-workshop.html I feel that just by watching them you’ll get better!

Once you start getting in deep with hypnosis, you’ll be able to wrap your mind around new and dynamic concepts.  Clarity and FLOW will come, but only due to YOUR efforts!  Keep learning, training, and filling that brain with knowledge.  Get crazy about hypnosis.  Eat, Sleep, and Drink it!  Breath it!  and most of all:  LIVE it!  You need to continue to practice, not just at home with your audio recorder, and/or friends and family.  Get out there and hypnotize new people and make new friends.  Surround yourself with LOVE and Positivity.  You won’t go wrong, because you WANT to help people, and you INTEND to grow in your skill to help the greater good.  That’s the real COOL.

Also, it’s just as important to apply positive hypnosis principles in your own life.  Set goals and achieve them using the mind power that you demonstrate on others!  As Gandhi said, “Be the Change in world that you want to see!”


Keith Barry has some cool videos online.  I like this one a lot!  You can easily use a method like Mind Eraser to do this.  GO KEITH GO!

I think Keith Barry is a Jedi. What do you think?

Before you watch this video, PLEASE read this:

Hypnosis is more than just a party stunt.

It’s EASY, but certain hypnotic inductions take WORK.
And you NEED TO BE SAFE, know the ins and outs of the hypnotic process, and to be as Jedi as Joe Brogie,
YOU GOTTA have the secret. More on that in a minute. Watch this video!


Anyone at a professional hypnosis level can watch this video, and figure it out.  Maybe even try it tonight.  We are NOT responsible for the results, and/or your success with this induction.  Please let me know how it works for you…  Please be careful, and don’t hurt anyone.  In fact… don’t do it.  ;)

For those of you that want to learn this induction directly from me click here.