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3 Powerful Secrets of Successful Hypnosis

 from Head Hacker, Amit Badiani!

Start listening to the HTG PODCAST here!  (right click to download)

In this 30 minute interview you’ll learn all about Amit’s hypnosis-magic style, and what it takes to get to a high level of performance and hypnosis mastery.  You’ll find yourself inspired and motivated, just like I was in the interview.  He’s got IT!  Amit Badiani, from Head Hacking and Manchurian Approach shares with you some incredible insight on the NEW A.I. Model, and what we can expect to learn from him at the next live event!

HTG LIVE is going to revolutionize the way you perform and practice hypnosis. With someone like Amit there to coach you through the fastest, most entertaining street hypnosis there is, imagine what you’ll be doing with your new powers!  Upgrade your existing performances, start making money performing hypnosis, or just get out there have fun meeting new people… and getting them to do extraordinary things for you! 


Last week I posted a great video of Matt Hale performing some Head Hacking!

I know there are a lot of hypnotists wanting to learn this kind of thing.   Street Hypnosis is a great way for many of us to experience hypnosis, and share it with others, all without having to book a show, start a clinical practice, or get certification. In fact, many of you can be doing this type of performing tonight if you really wanted to…

But what’s it going to take?
What do you need to know?
What goes through the mind of a performer like Matt Hale?

Well, put on your head phones, lock the door, and plug into these three videos!    Matt gives a lot of powerful tips.  GOLDEN stuff from a performer who is on top of his game.  If you get the chance to spend a few days with a pro like Matt, DO IT!  You’ll learn tons that you can’t get out of a DVD or book!

For now, we made this for you!

If you get a chance to check out Trilby Connection, you’ll learn exactly how most of this all works.  It’s a damn good start if you are looking for a practical, effective approach to hypnosis in any environment.

Even better, come see them LIVE in Las Vegas and get hands-on, 1 on 1, instruction!  CLICK HERE

Step 2:  Listen to Matt when he says one of the most important things in video 3:  “You just gotta get out there and do it.”  And not just once or twice.  I’m talking about putting yourself in situations where you NEED to demonstrate, entertain, and experience the success of hypnosis.  It helps to have a coach or instructor with you.   Get someone to video tape you so you MUST DO GOOD!  Or at least someone to hold you accountable so you don’t opt out of performing when it’s time.  Yes, I’m suggesting a LIVE Training!

I know I’ve been talking about this for weeks now, but it’s the truth!  Matt has the skills because he’s well rehearsed.  Think about what it takes to create a sword.  Intense heat, and Pressure, and Impact…  These things create a sharp weapon of precision.    Most students have the metal, the tools, and the know how, but lack the most important factor of all.  Can you guess what that is?

Real Training!

It’s time to put your skills through the fire.  Get sharp.  And become better.

I hope you find the inspiration and the courage to get started.

Please comment below and let us know how this lesson will help you!

Matt Hale is a fantastic hypnotist out of Perth, Australia.  He’s got mad skills and makes street hypnosis look like child’s play!

Just how much can we learn from watching Matt perform?  Watch this video.  Then scroll down to read my break down.

Now some of you technical hypnotists are breaking down the induction, the hand shake interrupt technique….  language patterns and such.  And that’s all good.  I recommend learning those if you have time.  But I want to point out 3 massive keys to Matt’s success that I am seeing in the above video.  They are the most important keys that any street hypnotist can possess and they are a sure-fire formula for successful hypnosis, in any arena.

  • Matt is having the time of his life… maybe!  But it sure does seem that way, doesn’t it?   It’s obvious from Matt’s demeanor that he LOVES hypnosis, performing, and interacting with REAL LIVE people.  He also enjoys sharing what he does with fun-loving people.  Matt is NOT an introvert.  He’s outgoing and fun to talk to.  When I met him 3 years ago at NX, I noticed how magnetic he was.  He has a natural attraction that shines through his personality.  Have you ever tried watching hypnosis from someone BORING!!!  Maybe you stopped watching before the good part.  If you don’t look like you’re having fun performing… well maybe you’re just going for the serious, zen master thing.  In that case, you better be pretty damn engaging.  There are ways to do this.  In fact, I love that serious, medicine man style of performing.  But if you’re in the environment that Matt has mastered, pubs, clubs, and lounges, then you might want to start thinking about your style, and the style in which you are presenting your hypnosis.  Think about your ideal client in that environment, and focus on what energy they are vibrating at.  You should do the same!   

VIBRATE AT THE SAME ENERGY THAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT.  and once you have them in the palm of your hand, kick it up about 30 notches!

  • Matt also has one goal in mind:  FUN.  Mission accomplished.  Because he has a goal in mind, he hits it!  They say that you can’t hit a target if you don’t have a bull’s eye!  So have a target.  A goal in mind.  And go for that!  If something else arises, you can adjust because you’re flexible and light on your feet!  (right?)  But your target goal will be locked in and you can move towards it no matter what may happen.  HOW DOES MATT DO IT?  Well, my answer:  Matt brings life, light, and an undeniable, contagious energy to his audience.  He’s got his lines down, his actions memorized and rehearsed, and this is obvious, but the key that most trainees find difficult, is the CHARISMA.  This may take time, experience, and perhaps a little self-hypnosis for some people.  And if this is you, then you need to start getting out there and taking some chances.  This is why coming to HTG is so important.  Live training and in-field training is a very powerful learning tool.  

HAVE A SET TARGET GOAL IN MIND.  HAVE THE INTENTION!  If you’re doing street magic, FUN is a great goal to have! Matt shot this video just shortly after a Head Hacking training! 

  • Momentum is key.  One of my favorite things about this video is watching how fast Matt is.  He doesn’t waste any time talking forever.  After the initial introductions he goes right for the Hand Shake, speed induction, and deepener, all in one full swoop.  Why not?  You can, you know.   In about 4 minutes or so, Matt does quite a few hypnosis bits in this set, without a full induction!  He even goes for a Mind Erase to finish it off!  I love that!  If you want the same results with your hypnosis, I suggest you learn a set routine (Trilby Connection!!!)  and get those bits locked in so you can do them in your sleep.  After performing a few times you’ll start to feel a ‘flow’ that connects each ‘set piece.’  It’s not anything complicated.  It’s just a rhythm that you’ll fall into, and it will feel natural TO YOU.  You can’t get this sitting at home watching videos.  You need to get out there and begin the process of DOING IT.  I can tell you about it here, but you won’t learn it until you’re in front of a girl with BIG BOOBS and you’re on video!  Okay, you know what I mean.  (no!  not that!)  Just perform for anyone who wants to get hypnotized.  Once they comply, and say “YES”  you are in control.  You got this!

START THE PROCESS OF ‘DOING IT’ BY PERFORMING TODAY!  You’ll find your natural rhythm that helps you create momentum toward successful performances!

I hope this mini-lesson helps you find some perspective on your own hypnosis journey.  You don’t have to be like Matt.  No one is.  But when you see how much fun Matt is having, you might want to take on some of the key characteristics that are working for him.

  1. High Energy (matching your client)
  2. Purpose Driven (fun-loving)
  3. ACTIVE!  (finding momentum and rhythm)

These same keys work for me.  They obviously are working for Matt.  Let me know how they work for you!

LIVE Induction Training

We’re gearing up for HTG LIVE this March, and I know you have questions about the event.

I don’t want spoil it for those of you that registered already, but we’re going to be filming a new DVD during the seminar, and I want you to be part of it!  The DVD is going to showcase all of my new inductions that I’ve been developing over the past year, along with some unreleased material that I’ve been hiding!  You’ll have the chance to learn first, before anyone else, plus be on the DVD, performing!   I’m excited and can’t wait to teach you.

If you can’t make it out to Vegas this March, that sucks. No really! Make it happen! This event is going to be killer. Just check out the HTG Website and read all about it.


Jay Noblezada

Head Hacker Training… at HTG LIVE!

HTG-LIVE is looking to be THE hypnosis event of the year.
You’ll be amazed at who I’m getting in to coach you, take you by the hand, and walk you through some of the most advanced hypnosis systems ever!



Have you heard of Anthony Jacquin?  He’s one of THE leading hypnotists in the industry, on the cutting edge of street hypnosis and NLP.  When I first saw his hypnosis videos I thought what every hypnotist thinks when they see him for the first time:
1.  No way, this is FAKE!  then…
2.  This is totally FREAKIN AWESOME!  then…
3.  I want it.  I NEED TO LEARN THIS!



Anthony runs a group called Head Hacking Research, where some of the
top hypnosis methods and techniques are developed.  Stuff that even I find unbelievable.
***BEWARE***  His stuff is advanced and not for the faint of heart.  Jedi ONLY!



I wanted to make HTG-LIVE really pop.  So, I’m giving Anthony and his team all day
Monday of the event to conduct the Trilby/Mancurian workshop,


I’m sitting back just like you, getting the training, note pad in hand, mind fully alert…
It’s gonna be insane.  And I plan on being 100 times better as a street hypnotist by the time
Head Hacking Research gets a hold of me.
After the workshop, HEAD HACKERS are
taking us out on the streets to demonstrate, train,
and clinic!  The whole nine yards!


ARE YOU REGISTERED???   You can find out more and REGISTER HERE.

Do NOT miss this life changing event.  HTG LIVE will massively improve your skills as a hypnotist, increase your speed, and give you advanced skills that will put your competition to shame!




The Great Alex Hendrick!

I’m big on learning by watching.  Of course, you can learn the most through “doing” and experiencing.  But I wanted to dedicate a post to my good friend and hypnosis warrior, Alex Hendrick!

Alex lives in Italy, where hypnosis is looked at with narrow eyes.  In other words, many people in that country don’t believe, support, or enjoy hypnosis the way other countries do.  In fact, Alex tells me that it’s difficult to really go out and perform there without taking some hard skepticism.

Well, I live in America, where maybe it’s a bit easier, so when I see someone like Alex, in his environment, executing hypnosis at such a high level of success, I tip my hat!  Check him out:

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  They’re the people who usually don’t do much, and are scared that you’ll leave them when you make it big.  Be a true Jedi, and do great things.  Show them how, and be the light to others!

Thanks Alex!  You are truly a light shining bright.  Keep up the great work!